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By: Hal Boedeker

via the Orlando Sentinel

The unsettling “Locating Silver Lake” gives Lake Mary actress Aubrey Peeples the role of put-upon Talya.

“I would describe her as being naive. She has been thrust into this specific lifestyle,” said Peeples, whose credits range from “Sharknado” to the TV series “Nashville.” “She hasn’t really made her own decisions.”

At a young age, Talya became part of an intimate group of friends in the trendy Los Angeles neighborhood. When she meets aspiring writer Daniel (Josh Peck), she starts to question her choices.

Peeples doesn’t want to give too much away about the drama, which will play the Florida Film Festival on Saturday, April 7, and Friday, April 13. But group leader Seth (Finn Wittrock) has a disturbing hold over Talya and the others.

“Whether it’s because he believes in this lifestyle he has set forth or he just needs followers, that’s something for the audience to decide,” Peeples said. “He’s charming at first. He ends up being a bully. Someone as young as Talya, by the time she’s realizing he’s a bully, she’s so brainwashed.”

Writer-director Eric Bilitch said Peeples had qualities just right for the role.

“Talya is fighting to break through her own demons, but with a smile on her face, with an innocence that’s been lost,” he said. “I found that Aubrey is naturally equipped to deal with this duality, which is a real testament to her. There is a subtext running through every scene this character has, and it takes a special kind of actress to pull that off.”

Talya becomes the center of a frightening battle of wills between Daniel and Seth.

“Talya is certainly in a kind of purgatory,” Bilitch said. “Seth isn't really threatened by Daniel until he sees that Talya imbues him with respect. Then it’s a no-holds-barred showdown, for sure.”

From her research, Peeples said she found the tumultuous friendships portrayed in the film are common.

“I think Eric has written a fascinating story and some interesting characters,” she said. “There’s a lot to leave the audience guessing. I hope audiences are swept up in it.”

Peeples may be best known for playing Layla Grant on “Nashville.” Other new films are “Heartthrob” on Netflix and “Cowboy Drifter.” She raved about “Locating Silver Lake” director Bilitch.

“He knows what he wants,” she said. “He knows how to shoot fast, but not miss out on quality performances. He is fantastic.”

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